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About Us

About Us

Patrol Tac Systems was established based on nearly two decades of the owners combined real-world experience as full-time law enforcement officers.  Our mission is to provide high performance equipment solutions to the law enforcement street fighter and military war fighter alike.  Every day of our real-world experience was gained in patrol, various street-level proactive units, SWAT, or as firearms and tactics instructors.  As unrelenting end users ourselves who demand only the highest quality equipment, we will continue to use our experience combined with the invaluable input from others we serve with to continue to design and produce the highest quality gear for our customers who demand the same.

Our products are made in the U.S.A. and built to last utilizing only the highest quality materials.  Many of our products fill the gaps between the tactical and uniform realm by using MIL-SPEC quality materials and construction in designs that are uniform in appearance.  We understand the needs of the customer because we are, and continue to serve along side, the customer and end user nearly every day.  Since we rely on our own products in the field, we understand the need for stronger, lighterweight, more durable modular solutions to carry the growing basic load of equipment needed to perform our duties.  Our products will continue to evolve with the ever growing and changing needs of the customer.


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